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businesspeople walking in airport with luggage

businesspeople walking in airport with luggage

Traveling is often an essential aspect of the business world.  It provides the opportunity to gain personal face-time with clients, build relationships with colleagues, and gain insights about the culture and customs of those you are working with.

It can also be a hassle sometimes, so here is some advice that can ease stress and increase efficiency for business travelers:

  1. Pack light. Try to use luggage that is lightweight with multiple compartments and try to carry on to avoid luggage fees.  Check the weather at your destination beforehand and pack accordingly.  Pack clothing that can be mixed and matched to cut down on number of outfits, try to pack clothes that match a single pair of shoes, and only pack the personal care items you know the hotel won’t offer.  Use the hotel laundry service so you don’t have to wear all different clothes every day of your trip.
  2. Study your surroundings. Research the culture and customs of your destination beforehand to better connect with your audience and avoid social faux pas.  Exercise outside while you are there to become familiar with the location.   Also, do your best to adjust to the time zone as quickly as possible; start getting yourself on local time at your destination on the way there if you can.
  3. Manage your electronic devices. Charge all of your electronics fully before you leave, carry spare chargers, and invest in a mobile hotspot for Wi-Fi.
  4. Maximize your chances for upgrades. Dress nicely, be courteous to personnel, book economy with either a Y or B booking code, and ask if upgrades are available when the desk is not busy.
  5. Know the frequent flier shortcuts. Get a good travel rewards card/frequent flier program that waives international transaction fees.  Keep good track of miles/points.  Apply with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol for the Global Entry Program and Trusted Traveler status to decrease time spent in Customs.  Know that direct flights are not necessarily non-stop flights.  Stick to as few different airlines as possible.
  6. Cut costs on food and drinks. Bring your own snacks and instant coffee packs and a reusable filtration bottle for water.  Also, if a meal is served in-flight, order a special meal as those are usually served first.
  7. Be prepared for delays. Carry on a change of clothes, a lint roller, a pocket-sized toothbrush, and some wipes in case you are delayed and have to go directly to a meeting from the airport.
  8. Travel in style. Make sure that your car service is professional and displays class.  This is where we at Lone Star Executive Limousine come in.  Contact us today for more advice on traveling and to book your airport transportation.


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