Dealing with Potential Clients is a Lot Like Dating


Two business colleagues shaking hands during meeting

Two business colleagues shaking hands during meeting

When trying to win new clients, especially in business-to-business interactions, the process has several parallels to dating.  There is a bit of a courtship that takes place, and many useful dating tips can come in handy in this situation as well.

  1. Remember that companies are made up of people, and that people want to be treated as people. Rather than simply looking at the company as a whole, recognize the individual faces behind the company and interact with them.  Look at the situation from their perspective and recognize that the goal is for the interaction to be mutually beneficial.
  2. Don’t move too fast. Just as you would not ask someone to marry you on the first date, don’t expect a potential client to jump into the business “bed” with you immediately either.  Being very impatient to close the deal gives one of two impressions: that you are aggressively attempting to steamroll the other party, or that you are desperate.  Neither of those is a good impression to leave.
  3. Make sure that the conversation is reciprocal. Have you ever been on a date where the other person talked nonstop and you couldn’t get a word in edgewise?  Chances are that if you have, you found it quite frustrating.  Don’t be that person.  Instead of just lecturing your potential client with your pitch, make it an actual conversation where questions are asked and the answers are listened to and considered.  Again, the goal is to have a mutually beneficial relationship where both parties are getting something they want.
  4. Make them feel respected. No one wants to do business with someone who treats them like they don’t matter.  Be respectful of their time and recognize that their time is important, just like yours is.  Be respectful of their efforts and professionalism; after all, they are giving you a chance just as you are giving them one.  Follow up with them and try to land that “second date”.
  5. “Wine and dine” them some. Whether it is meeting them in a nice place, or, if they are from elsewhere, setting them up with a nice room, or simply sending a car for them, make sure that they feel that they are of value to you as a client.

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